CAMO Approvals  PL.MG.088  and  2-REG.39.23

 Continuing Airworthiness Management
Auditing and Consulting
Aviation Training

Our goal



5 Aero Team provide Aircraft Management under full CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation) approval in accordance with Part M, Subpart G and I, including Airworthiness Review Certificate Privileges for Commercial Operators, Private Owners and Leasing Entities. 5 Aero Team also provide Technical Support & Consultancy for Commercial Operators, Private Owners of aircraft and Aircraft Lessors including technical management, inspections, operating audits and aircraft evaluation process with selection.

5 Aero Team Ltd was established in September 2012, based on Heli Air Poland Ltd, which had been started in January 2009 by the group of professionals who wanted to establish the first helicopter provider that holds the Air Operator Certificate in Poland.

Heli Air Poland changed its shareholder structure and its name to 5 Aero Team.

The fundamental decision was taken because of the aviation market demand and the company’s on-going expansion.

All Managing Partners were involved in the successful air carrier certification (regular and charter flights) under EU-OPS 1 and Part-M requirements, and in the coordination of registration process, with 11 aircraft (Airbus A320) registered in the Polish Registry Office within one year (8 aircraft in 4 months).

Current activities

5 Aero Team, as an EASA approved CAMO (PL.MG.088) with Subpart G and Subpart I privileges, supports operators/owners/lessees in the continuing airworthiness management of their aircraft.

Presently we focus our activities on:

  • preparation of airworthiness recommendations for A320-200
  • aircraft lease returns / deliveries for lessors
  • pre-purchase inspection
  • remotely aircraft records review

Key Suppliers

Engineering Support: Commsoft’s Open Aviation Strategic Engineering System (OASES)

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VENTO IT Solution & Aviation SupportCreation of professional IT tools for aviation 

Insurance Brokers: MARSH, UIB, Allianz

Flight Crew & Flight OPS Consulting: DY€SEM (see more about DY€SEM)

Line and Base Maintenance: subcontracted Part 145 organizations


Maintenance management and aircraft registration in Poland as well as out of Poland


Highest level of safety with maximum cost reduction


Professional consulting provides an integrated END-TO-END solution